What is another word for hatching?

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Hatching refers to the process of creating lines or shading that give a solid object or drawing the appearance of being three-dimensional. Synonyms for hatching include cross-hatching, stippling, shading, and line work. Cross-hatching entails weaving two layers of lines at right angles to create a mesh-like effect, while stippling uses dots instead of lines to create texture. Shading refers to the use of light and dark areas to create depth, while line work entails drawing thin or thick lines to show form and contours. These techniques are used by artists, designers, and architects to create realistic or stylized depictions of objects and scenes.

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    When a egg is ovulated, the spermatozoon enter the egg and fertilize it. Immediately thereafter, a small sac called the ovum sac forms. This sac is about the size of a grain of sand and contains the developing embryo. The embryo spends the next 18 to 20 days in the sac, or fertilized ovum, before emerging as a tiny chick.

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