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The word "hawker" typically refers to a person who sells goods or services in a public place, either on foot or from a vehicle. Some synonyms for "hawker" include vendor, peddler, trader, salesperson, street seller, and market stallholder. "Vendor" is perhaps the most commonly used synonym and describes someone who sells goods, typically food or drink, from a stationary stand. "Peddler" is often used to describe someone who travels from place to place selling goods, while "trader" describes someone who buys and sells goods for a living. "Salesperson" is a more general term used to describe someone who sells goods or services, and "street seller" and "market stallholder" both describe individuals who sell goods in public spaces.

How to use "Hawker" in context?

There's nothing quite like traversing the streets of a foreign city, seeing the sights and sounds of a new place, and being enveloped in the lively atmosphere of a bustling marketplace. One of the most famous and colorful of all such markets is the hawker market, where street vendors sell everything from food to neater items like clothing and accessories. hawkers are popularly found in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries, but there are also markets in India, China, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.

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