What is another word for head-bands?

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[ hˈɛdbˈandz], [ hˈɛdbˈandz], [ h_ˈɛ_d_b_ˈa_n_d_z]

Headbands, a versatile and practical accessory for hair, have become an essential part of every fashionista's wardrobe. They are available in an array of options, including headwraps, hairbands, hair ties, and turbans. Additionally, velvet, silk, knitted, and embroidered headbands are the most popular types for special occasions and casual days. For a comfortable and active lifestyle, sports headbands, yoga headbands, and sweatbands are perfect choices. Furthermore, headbands decorated with flowers, bows, and rhinestones are elegant and stylish accessories for weddings, proms, and other formal events. No matter what your preference is, choosing the right headband can transform your outfit and enhance your overall look.

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