What is another word for headlines?

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The word "headlines" often refers to the title or main story of a news article or report. Other synonyms for "headlines" include titles, captions, headings, banners, subheadings, labels, and descriptions. These words all have slightly different meanings and uses, but they can be used interchangeably in many contexts. Titles and captions are often used in print and online media, while headings and banners are more commonly used in blog posts and websites. Subheadings and labels are useful for breaking up longer articles and providing additional context, while descriptions can be used to summarize the content of an article or report.

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How to use "Headlines" in context?

Headlines are more than just the most important part of a story. They're a way to grab readers' attention and set the tone for a story. They can also make or break a story.

Some headlines are classic and timeless, while others are more modern and might be associated with a certain news outlet or topic. The takeaway is that headlines are an important part of storytelling and should be designed with that in mind.

Below are a few tips for crafting effective headlines:

1. Be specific. Headlines should be clear and concise.

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