What is another word for headstrong?

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Headstrong is an adjective used to describe someone who is determined to do what they want, regardless of the consequences. Here are some synonyms for the word headstrong: 1. Stubborn - someone who is stubborn is inflexible and unwilling to change their mind. 2. Obstinate - someone who is obstinate is difficult to persuade or control. 3. Willful - someone who is willful is determined to have their own way. 4. Inflexible - someone who is inflexible is unwilling or unable to change their approach or thinking. 5. Opinionated - someone who is opinionated is confident in their own beliefs and opinions. 6. Pigheaded - someone who is pigheaded is stubborn and unyielding. 7. Self-willed - someone who is self-willed is determined to do what they want. 8. Unyielding - someone who is unyielding is uncompromising and cannot be persuaded.

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    There are innumerable adjectives that could be used to describe someone who is headstrong. These people are typically the ones who ignore warnings and proceed with their own plans even if they might not be the best choices. They typically show little hesitation in taking on new challenges. They often have a lot of confidence and don't let anything get in their way.

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