What is another word for hears?

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There are various synonyms one can use for the word "hears." The most common synonyms include listens, perceives, detects, receives, eavesdrops, attends, and absorbs. Each of these words describes a different way of hearing or taking in information. For example, one might listen intently to a speech, perceive a faint sound, detect a hint of sarcasm, receive a message, eavesdrop on a conversation, attend a lecture, or absorb information from a book. Choosing the right synonym for "hears" depends on the context and type of hearing experience being described.

How to use "Hears" in context?

When we hear words, they somehow enter our ears and we can understand what the person is saying. Our ears are specially adapted to allow us to hear. They are surrounded by bones, cartilage and tissues that allow us to hear sounds. When we want to listen carefully to someone, we usually tilt our head down so that their voice reaches our ear directly.

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