What is another word for hearted?

Pronunciation: [hˈɑːtɪd] (IPA)

There are many synonyms for the word "hearted" that describe someone's character or personality. These synonyms include kindhearted, warmhearted, bighearted, generous-hearted, and loving-hearted. Someone who is kindhearted tends to be compassionate and considerate towards others, while someone who is warmhearted exudes a friendly and welcoming demeanor. A bighearted person is often known for their extreme generosity, while someone who is generous-hearted shares their resources and time without hesitation. Lastly, a person who is loving-hearted is often affectionate towards others and deeply cares for those around them. All of these synonyms for "hearted" demonstrate a positive, caring, and empathetic attitude towards others.

Synonyms for Hearted:

What are the hypernyms for Hearted?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for hearted?

The word "hearted" is typically used to describe a person who is kind, compassionate, and generous. However, there are many antonyms that can be used to describe someone who is not "hearted." These antonyms include cruel, heartless, uncaring, selfish, and mean-spirited. A cruel person lacks empathy and takes pleasure in causing pain or suffering. A heartless person is cold and indifferent towards others. An uncaring person is indifferent or unconcerned about the well-being of others. A selfish person prioritizes their own interests over the needs of others. A mean-spirited person has a malicious or spiteful disposition. These antonyms serve as a reminder of the importance of kindness and empathy towards others.

What are the antonyms for Hearted?

Usage examples for Hearted

The lady was tender-hearted and full of sympathy, but she hadn't traveled along the same road as Anna and didn't know.
"My Lady of the Chimney Corner"
Alexander Irvine
"What a hard-hearted person you are," smiled Marjorie.
"Marjorie Dean High School Freshman"
Pauline Lester
It seems just like yesterday that I was a guest at Cro' Martin,-poor Martin himself so happy and light-hearted; his dear girl, as he called her, full of life and spirits.
"The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)"
Charles James Lever

Famous quotes with Hearted

  • The minute a person whose word means a great deal to others dare to take the open-hearted and courageous way, many others follow.
    Marian Anderson
  • In the past ABC has made half-hearted efforts or, worse, cosmetic efforts, to do something about news and I wasn't certain about what their real aim was - nor am I now.
    Roone Arledge
  • I think if you're half-hearted you shouldn't go into acting.
    Jane Badler
  • On the way to work good-hearted young girls sometimes offer me their seats, which I accept and bless them in return, a transaction satisfying to all concerned.
    Lionel Blue
  • I'm not a light-hearted person, so I can't think light-hearted at work.
    Eric Bogosian

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