What is another word for Hearties?

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The word "hearties" is not a common term in most vocabularies, thus making it challenging to find synonyms. Nonetheless, some words that can replace it include brave, hearty, strong, courageous, robust, resolute, and fearless. These words indicate a sense of fortitude, grit, and determination, characteristics that are typically associated with toughness and endurance. Other synonyms for "hearties" may include faithful or truehearted, which imply a high level of loyalty and devotion to a particular cause or person. These words are useful when referring to characters or individuals who exhibit unwavering commitment and dedication to their goals.

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Hearties is a musical with a heart. From the creative team of Tony-winner Jerry Zaks and Grammy-nominated composer Tom Kitt, the heart-wrenching story of a street-wise orphan and a rough and tumble sailor is told with breathtaking music and lyrics.

On the docks of New York City in the early 1900s, a street-wise orphan named Tommy and a rough and tumble sailor named Joe come to know and love each other. When Tommy is sent away to live with relatives in the country, Joe follows him and soon the two are inseparable.

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