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Heath is a term used to describe a type of open and often barren land characterized by poor soil quality that is typically covered with heather, gorse, and other low-growing shrubs. Some synonyms for heath include moor, common, wasteland, and scrubland. Moorland refers to the same type of open, uncultivated land but with a wetter climate and more uneven terrain. Common, on the other hand, is typically used to describe a shared area of land used for grazing or other communal activities. Wasteland generally refers to uninhabitable or unused land that's unfit for agriculture, while scrubland can refer to any area with low-growing vegetation and low tree density.

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Heath is a large and diverse biome. There are heaths in temperate and subtropical climates, as well as in moist and dry environments. Heaths can be acidic or alkaline, and can have grasses, sedges, and herbs as well as ferns and trees. The heath may be wet, dry, or mesic, depending on the factors such as amount of rainfall and sunshine.

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