What is another word for hello?

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"Hello" is a commonly used greeting worldwide, but there are numerous synonyms that can substitute for it. The most popular synonyms for "hello" are "hi," "hey," and "good morning/evening/afternoon." Some other alternatives include "greetings," "salutations," "howdy," "yo," and "what's up." In different regions, there are also unique greetings such as "bonjour" in French, "konnichiwa" in Japanese, "hola" in Spanish, and more. Aside from verbal greetings, there are also non-verbal alternatives such as waving, nodding, or smiling. Knowing synonyms for "hello" is an excellent way to add diversity to your vocabulary and enrich your communication skills.

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How to use "Hello" in context?

Hello is a word that is said as a greeting by many people. It is used very often in many languages. In some parts of the world, hello is the first thing that someone says to someone they meet.

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