What is another word for heracles?

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[ hˈɛɹəkə͡lz], [ hˈɛɹəkə‍lz], [ h_ˈɛ_ɹ_ə_k_əl_z]

The name Heracles is synonymous with the ancient Greek mythological hero known as Hercules in Roman mythology. Heracles is recognized for his bravery, strength, and many famous labours. Another name for Heracles is Alcides; this name was given to him by his mother Alcmene. Heracles is also referred to as the son of Zeus and is often called by the title "son of God." Some other synonyms for Heracles include Herakles, Hercle, and Heraklion, which is a city in Crete said to be founded by the hero himself. Overall, the name Heracles represents heroism and strength in Greek mythology.

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How to use "Heracles" in context?

Heracles was a legendary hero of ancient Greece. He was known for his great strength and physical power. He was also known for his bravery, prowess in combat, and uncanny ability to survive fatal injuries. Heracles is the protagonist of the Argonautic epic, which tells the story of his journey to slay the Nemean lion and the Hydra. He is also the father of Achilles.

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