What is another word for here there?

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[ hˈi͡ə ðˈe͡ə], [ hˈi‍ə ðˈe‍ə], [ h_ˈiə ð_ˈeə]

The words "here" and "there" are adverbs used to describe a location or position. If you are looking for synonyms to these words, there are several options available. Some synonyms for "here" include "present," "now," "in this place," and "at this point." Whereas synonyms for "there" include "over there," "in that place," and "yonder." It also depends on the context of your sentence. Different synonyms can be used in different situations. For instance, if you are giving directions, you would use different synonyms for "here" and "there" than if you were describing distance or pointing out an object's location.

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How to use "Here there" in context?

"Here, there" is a well-known saying that point to a location nearby. It is frequently used informally, and its precise meaning is disputed. The saying may originate from medieval times when people would point to an appropriate spot to setup a campfire in the hopes of finding something to eat or drink. Alternatively, the saying could come from a mid-16th-century English text, "House of Heretics", which mentions a "Heretaere" (heathen temple) being located "Here, there", meaning in or near the village.

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