What is another word for Higgler?

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[ hˈɪɡlə], [ hˈɪɡlə], [ h_ˈɪ_ɡ_l_ə]

Higgler, an archaic term referring to someone who sells small items or peddles goods, has several synonyms, including peddler, hawker, vendor, salesman, trader, and itinerant. A peddler travels from place to place with their wares, while a hawker cries out their goods in the street. A vendor typically sells goods at a market or street stall, while a salesman pitches goods to customers within a store. A trader buys and sells goods for profit, and an itinerant travels from place to place, selling their goods. Regardless of the chosen synonym, a higgler or anyone who peddles goods offers convenience and accessibility to people who may not have access to traditional shopping venues.

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    How to use "Higgler" in context?

    Higgler is a social media app that connects people who want to make small and large deals. It also helps to connect people looking for new opportunities, as well as those looking to connect with others in the same field. The Higgler app is available on both Android and iPhone, and can be downloaded for free.

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