What is another word for high minded?

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The term "high-minded" is often used to describe someone who has noble or lofty goals and aspirations, or someone who has a strong sense of ethics and moral principles. Synonyms for this term include: principled, righteous, virtuous, ethical, moral, honorable, just, lofty, noble, pure, and honest. Other related terms include: idealistic, altruistic, philanthropic, magnanimous, generous, and selfless. Each of these terms conveys a similar sense of someone who is motivated by a desire to do what is right and good, even at personal cost or sacrifice. Whether you prefer one term over another, the underlying message is that being high-minded is a valuable quality for any individual to possess.

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    How to use "High minded" in context?

    The phrase "high minded" often describes people or things who have a lofty attitude, or who espouse high ethical principles. It is often used to describe people who are principled, or who have a sense of responsibility. In general, highminded people are not only intelligent, but also compassionate and visionary. They are motivated by a deep belief in the greater good, rather than personal gain.

    There is something admirable and inspiring about highmindedness. It is proof that even in the face of great obstacles, human beings can still aspire to something greater.

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