What is another word for high-class?

Pronunciation: [hˈa͡ɪklˈas] (IPA)

High-class is a term that is typically used to describe an individual or item that is of superior quality. However, there are other words that can be used in place of high-class, such as luxurious, elegant, upscale, sophisticated, exclusive, refined, posh, elite, premium, distinguished and top-notch. Each of these words carries its own connotation and can be used in different contexts to describe something that is of a higher standard. By using a variety of words to describe something or someone as high-class, writers can create a more complex and nuanced narrative that better captures the essence of their subject.

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What are the opposite words for high-class?

High-class, also known as upscale or luxurious, refers to things that are of superior quality or have a high level of refinement. The antonyms of high-class are often used to describe things that are of inferior quality, ordinary or commonplace. Some of the most commonly used antonyms for high-class include low-class, inferior, cheap, basic, plain, simple, or common. These words are often used to refer to things that lack sophistication, elegance, or refinement. While high-class is associated with luxury and exclusivity, the antonyms describe things that are mundane, regular, or of lesser quality. Ultimately, it's up to the individual to decide which category their preferences and choices fall into.

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Famous quotes with High-class

  • Erotica is simply high-class pornography; better produced, better conceived, better executed, better packaged, designed for a better class of consumer.
    Andrea Dworkin
  • Architects are pretty much high-class whores. We can turn down projects the way they can turn down some clients, but we've both got to say yes to someone if we want to stay in business.
    Philip Johnson
  • Lee was such a fine, high-class boy. If my son killed the president he would have said so. That's the way he was brought up.
    Marguerite Oswald
  • For five years I've felt like the best prostitute in a high-class whorehouse. But all the other girls get paid more than I do.
    Dennis Rodman
  • Karl Malone's too high-class for a bum like me.
    Dennis Rodman

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