What is another word for high-level waste?

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High-level waste, also known as HLW, is a term used to describe radioactive waste that contains highly radioactive material that requires careful handling and disposal. With the increasing use of nuclear energy and various industries, a variety of synonyms has been used to describe high-level waste, including spent fuel, radioactive waste, radioactive material, nuclear waste, and irradiated fuel. These synonyms describe materials with varying degrees of radioactivity and require different disposal methods. It is essential to handle high-level waste with the caution it demands to prevent harm to both human and environmental health. The correct disposal methods and synonyms awareness will help to maintain safety standards and protect public health.

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    At the high-level waste facility, radioactive materials are separated into five groups: short-lived actinides (such as thorium and uranium-233), medium-lived actinides (such as uranium-238 and plutonium-239), long-lived actinides (such as plutonium-240 and neptunium-239), transuranic elements (primarily plutonium and Radium-231), and industrial materials.

    The facility stores the materials in 30-foot-high steel and granite storage casks. The casks are accessible from a double-deck loading dock that stretches the length of the building.

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