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High-strung is an adjective used to describe someone who is easily agitated, anxious, or easily excited. However, there are many suitable synonyms for high-strung, including edgy, nervous, tense, wrought-up, agitated, antsy, overstrung, hyper, keyed up, excitable, irritable, volatile, and jittery. These words describe the state of being emotionally or physically disturbed, feeling overwhelming stress, or feeling easily overexcited. It is important to note that the word high-strung is often used to describe a negative characteristic in people, and using different synonyms can help to express a similar meaning without demeaning anyone.

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Asthma, bipolar disorder, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder are all high-strung disorders. People with these disorders have unusually high levels of anxiety and stress. Asthma and bipolar disorder are caused by problems with the airways and the brain, respectively. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is caused by problems with neurotransmitters.

All three of these disorders are a serious problem. People with high-strung disorders often have a hard time dealing with everyday stress. They may also have trouble concentrating, staying calm, and relaxing.

There is no one cause of these disorders.

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