What is another word for highlands?

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Highlands are elevated areas of land that are typically characterized by rough terrain, mountains, and deep valleys. There are many synonyms for highlands including uplands, plateaus, hills, mountains, moorlands, elevated regions, and alps. Uplands refer to areas of land that are at a higher elevation and consist of rolling hills and plateaus. Plateaus are elevated flat areas of land that are higher than surrounding regions. Hills refer to elevated areas of land that are lower than mountains and are typically gentle slopes. Mountains are the most prominent synonym for highlands, referencing elevated areas of land that have steep slopes and are characterized by rugged terrain. Moorlands describe elevated areas of land that are characterized by wet and boggy soil. Elevated regions are areas of land that are higher than surrounding regions. The alps are a specific type of mountain range that are located mainly in Europe and are known for their high peaks and snowy terrain.

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    How to use "Highlands" in context?

    Highlands are the highest points in a region, typically above 3000 feet. The majority of highlands are in North America, though there are highlands in South America, Europe, and Asia. The term is also used for mountains above 3000 meters in elevation.

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