What is another word for hillock?

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[ hˈɪlək], [ hˈɪlək], [ h_ˈɪ_l_ə_k]

Hillocks are small mounds or hills in the landscape. They can be referred to by several different synonyms, including knoll, rise, mound, hummock, bump, or tump. A knoll is a small rounded hill, often covered with grass, while a rise implies a gradual ascent. A mound is a pile of earth or stones, while a hummock is a rounded and elevated area of land. A bump is a small hill, while a tump is a small natural mound or man-made heap. All of these synonyms describe some aspect of a hillock, whether it be its size, shape, or appearance.

Synonyms for Hillock:

How to use "Hillock" in context?

If you go to a park, there's a good chance you'll find a hillock. Hillocks are these little shapes that are created when a layer of earth is pushed up by something like an earthquake. The earth then settles and creates this bump. Hillocks are pretty common in parks because they offer a great spot to sit and relax.

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