What is another word for hip to?

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[ hˈɪp tuː], [ hˈɪp tuː], [ h_ˈɪ_p t_uː]

Hip to is a slang term that means to be aware or informed about something. If you find yourself using this phrase quite often, it's time to switch things up and use some synonyms to make your speech sound more varied and interesting. Consider using substitutes like knowledgeable, clued-up, savvy, well-versed, in-the-know, enlightened, familiar, or versed in place of hip to. These words convey an individual's understanding of a particular topic or situation. By utilizing these synonyms, you will not only diversify your vocabulary, but you'll also enhance your communication skills.

Synonyms for Hip to:

How to use "Hip to" in context?

Hip to, though not a new concept, is quickly becoming a popular way of moving through everyday life. By using the term "hip to," we are referring to the shifting of our everyday routines in order to make life more enjoyable. "Hip to" involves paying attention to the small things that make up our everyday lives and making adjustments accordingly.

For example, when we are rushing to meet someone, we might try to avoid walking on the grass; however, if we are "hip to" we would take the time to savor the fresh aroma of the grass as we walk.

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