What is another word for hit upon?

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[ hˈɪt əpˌɒn], [ hˈɪt əpˌɒn], [ h_ˈɪ_t ə_p_ˌɒ_n]

When it comes to finding synonyms for "hit upon," the possibilities are plentiful. Some of the most commonly used synonyms include "discover," "stumble upon," "chance upon," "come across," or "find." These words all convey the idea of finding something by accident, but they each have a slightly different connotation. "Discover" implies an intentional search that leads to the uncovering of something new. "Stumble upon" suggests finding something unexpected while in the process of doing something else. "Chance upon" suggests a stroke of luck or happenstance that leads to a discovery, while "come across" refers to simply encountering something by chance. Overall, there are many ways to describe the act of "hitting upon" something, each with its own nuance and meaning.

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    How to use "Hit upon" in context?

    When one encounters a new opportunity, it is often the case that they "hit upon" it. This simply means that the opportunity was presented to them in a way that was not initially expected, and they had to work for it. This may manifest itself in a meeting that they were not expecting, or in an email that was forwarded to them. The key is to not be afraid to take risks and to be open to new possibilities.

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