What is another word for Hobbled?

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Hobbled is a term that refers to walking with difficulty or in an awkward manner due to an injury or some other physical ailment. However, there are many other ways to describe this particular type of movement, including limping, hobbling, shuffling, staggering, stumbling, or lurching. Other potential synonyms may include gimping, dragging, struggling, hobbling along, or limping along. All of these terms can be used to describe someone who is having trouble walking or moving, and they can be helpful for writers or speakers who want to add more depth and nuance to their descriptions of human movement and behavior.

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Hobbled is the newest cocktail in town. Named after the old-fashioned hobble, it is made with rye, aged rum, and orange bitters. The cocktail is shaken and served in a small tumbler.

What is a hobbled? Hobbled is a drink made with rye, aged rum, and orange bitters. It is shaken and served in a small tumbler. The name is inspired by the old-fashioned hobble, which is made with rye, sugar, and orange bitters.

What makes the hobbled cocktail special? The main ingredient, rye, imparts a crisp flavor to the drink.

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