What is another word for hoggishly?

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[ hˈɒɡɪʃli], [ hˈɒɡɪʃli], [ h_ˈɒ_ɡ_ɪ_ʃ_l_i]

Hoggishly is an adverb that is used to describe someone who behaves in a greedy or selfish manner, particularly when it comes to food. If you're tired of using the same old words to describe this kind of behavior, here are some synonyms that you can use instead. You could describe someone as being gluttonously, voraciously, or ravenously greedy. Alternatively, you could say that someone is indulging in a pig-like, swinish, or hog-like manner. Other words that could be used to describe hoggish behavior include selfishly, greedily, insatiably, and rapaciously. Whether you're writing about picky eaters or just want to mix up your vocabulary, these synonyms for hoggishly will give you plenty of options to choose from.

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    How to use "Hoggishly" in context?

    The word "hoggishly" has entered the English dictionary as a result of someone's particular affinity for bacon. It is an adverb that means "essentially, intensely" or "characteristically, made的类似的"的意思。 The word was first popularized on the website Urban Dictionary, which says it is made up of the word "hog" and the suffix "-ishly." The website says that "hoggishly" is often used when someone is excessively fond of bacon, or when they act like a pig.

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