What is another word for hollowness?

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[ hˈɒlə͡ʊnəs], [ hˈɒlə‍ʊnəs], [ h_ˈɒ_l_əʊ_n_ə_s]

Hollowness refers to the state of being empty or lacking in substance. There are several synonyms for this word that can be used in different contexts. Emptiness, vacuity, and barrenness are words that refer to a space that is devoid of material or content. Vacancy, void, and blankness refer to a state of nothingness or lack of existence. On the other hand, shallowness, superficiality, and insubstantiality describe the lack of profoundness or meaningfulness in something. Lastly, flimsiness, fragility, and brittleness describe something that is weak or easily breakable. These synonyms provide alternative ways to express the concept of hollowness depending on the context and interpretation.

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How to use "Hollowness" in context?

There's something undeniably melancholy about emptiness. It's a feeling that can be both depressing and unnerving, like you're walking on a thin ice sheet that may fracture at any moment. In some ways, emptiness is a metaphor for the human condition. It's where we reside when our lives lack meaning or fulfillment. It's a reminder that we're all temporary residents on this earth.

Even though emptiness is omnipresent, it can also bemaligned. It's seen as a sign of sadness or loneliness, a source of weakness. But emptiness isn't always negative.

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