What is another word for hombre?

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The word "hombre" is a Spanish term for "man" or "person." It is a commonly used word in the Spanish language but there are several synonyms that can be used in place of "hombre." These include "varón," "macho," "individuo," "sujeto," "persona," and "ser humano." "Varón" is a formal and traditional way of referring to a man, while "macho" carries a connotation of strength and masculinity. "Individuo" and "sujeto" refer to any person, regardless of gender. "Persona" is a more inclusive term while "ser humano" refers specifically to human beings. Thus, these synonyms provide more variety and nuance in Spanish when it comes to referring to a man or person.

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    How to use "Hombre" in context?

    The word "hombre" means "man" in Spanish. It is used as a generic term for both men and boys. In general, hombre can be used informally to refer to any male, regardless of age or social status.

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