What is another word for homeplates?

74 synonyms found


[ hˈə͡ʊmple͡ɪts], [ hˈə‍ʊmple‍ɪts], [ h_ˈəʊ_m_p_l_eɪ_t_s]

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    How to use "Homeplates" in context?

    Homeplates are small pieces of metal that are inserted into theATX power supply PCB to provide a mounting point for themodule connector cables. Without a homeplate, the PSU wouldhave to be tilted in order to install the modules, which can be a hassle. While there arevarious types of homeplates, the most common is the PS-A75, which uses 75mm profiled holes onthe top of the PSU PCB.

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