What is another word for hopes?

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When it comes to expressing our desires for the future, the word 'hopes' serves as a versatile option. However, it's always good to have a few other words to sprinkle into our conversations for added variety. Synonyms that closely relate to 'hopes' include wishes, aspirations, dreams, goals, ambitions, targets, objectives, and desires. Using these words can bring a bit of color and vibrancy to our language, and can help us better communicate our feelings and intentions. Whether you're discussing your short-term objectives or your lifelong dreams, experimenting with synonyms for 'hopes' can help you better articulate what it is you truly want.

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How to use "Hopes" in context?

When we think of hopes, many images and memories come to mind. Some of our earliest and strongest memories involve our hopes and dreams for the future. We may remember our hopes for a happy and successful life, for family and friends, or for a particular accomplishment.

As we grow older, our hopes for the future may change. Sometimes our hopes may remain the same, but we may also have new and exciting hopes for the future. In fact, sometimes people may even lose hope, but that doesn't mean they no longer have dreams or goals.

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  • hope's.

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