What is another word for hospitably?

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[ hˈɒspɪtəblɪ], [ hˈɒspɪtəblɪ], [ h_ˈɒ_s_p_ɪ_t_ə_b_l_ɪ]

Hospitably is a word that describes a warm and welcoming demeanor. It is commonly used to describe the kind and friendly behavior of hosts or people who entertain guests. Some synonyms for the word hospitably include cordiality, kindness, generosity, friendliness, and warmth. These words all describe people who are accommodating, gracious, and welcoming to others. Other synonyms for hospitably include conviviality, sociability, friendliness, and affability. These words all describe someone who is open and friendly to others and who creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Overall, synonyms for hospitably all describe a positive and welcoming attitude towards others.

How to use "Hospitably" in context?

When we think of hospitably, we might think of our favorite restaurants that take care of all of our needs, from the moment we walk in the door to the moment we leave. But hospitality is more than just taking excellent care of your guests. It's also about being considerate of the space you're occupying and the surrounding community. It's about listening and being respectful. And it's about doing whatever it takes to make your guests feel comfortable and welcome. Here are a few ways to go out of your way to hospitably serve your guests:

-Create a relaxing, comfortable environment.

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