What is another word for house of cards?

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[ hˈa͡ʊs ɒv kˈɑːdz], [ hˈa‍ʊs ɒv kˈɑːdz], [ h_ˈaʊ_s ɒ_v k_ˈɑː_d_z]

How to use "House of cards" in context?

House of cards is an American political thriller television series created by Beau Willimon. It is produced by Media Rights Capital and is distributed by Showtime Networks. The series aired on Netflix from November 2, 2013, to February 14, 2017. On April 30, 2017, the series was renewed for a sixth season, which was released on March 9, 2018.

The series tells the story of Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey), the House Majority Whip in the United States House of Representatives, and his efforts to rise to the top of the House of Cards political world by dirty methods.

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