What is another word for huffy?

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[ hˈʌfɪ], [ hˈʌfɪ], [ h_ˈʌ_f_ɪ]

"Huffy" is an adjective that describes someone who is easily annoyed or in a bad mood. If you're looking for other words to describe this type of behavior, you could use "irritable," "testy," "peevish," or "touchy." These synonyms all share the same meaning as "huffy" and can be used interchangeably in many situations. Another good option could be "sullen," which typically describes someone who is silent or sulking instead of being openly angry. Ultimately, the word you choose will depend on the specific context and tone you're aiming for, but any of these synonyms will work well to convey the idea of someone who is easily irritated or upset.

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