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A humorist is a person who is skilled in the art of making people laugh or smile. Synonyms for the word humorist include comedian, jester, clown, wit, joker, funnyman, prankster, and satirist. A comedian is someone who performs stand-up or slapstick comedy. A jester is a court jester who entertains kings and nobles. A clown is a performer in a circus or carnival, often wearing brightly colored clothes and makeup to make people laugh. A wit is someone who makes clever and humorous remarks. A joker is someone who tells jokes or plays pranks. A funnyman is someone who is known for their sense of humor. A prankster is someone who enjoys playing jokes on others. Lastly, a satirist uses humor to criticize society or politics.

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Humorists use humor to bring joy to their audiences. They use techniques such as exaggeration, irony, and dark humor to make people laugh. Some humorists get their start in improvisational comedy. They use humor to build rapport with their audience and to create laughter. Other humorists perform stand-up comedy. They use their wits and humor to entertain their audience. Humorists can also write and perform their own comedy routines.

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