What is another word for hurriedly?

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When it comes to expressing hurry or haste in our language, there are numerous synonyms for the word "hurriedly" that can be used. Some common options include "quickly," "rushingly," "hastily," "speedily," "swiftly," "rapidly," "expeditiously," "briskly," "frantically," and "suddenly." Each of these synonyms provides a slightly different nuance of meaning, offering writers and speakers the ability to convey their message more precisely and effectively. Whether you're describing someone rushing to catch a train, or a fast-paced action scene in a movie, these synonyms can help you bring your story to life with greater vividness and impact.

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    The word "hurriedly" is usually used to describe someone who is in a hurry. It can also be used to describe the way that a person is acting. When someone is in a hurry, they might act without thinking. They might also make mistakes.

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