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Hymns are timeless expressions of praise and worship, typically sung in religious services. Synonyms for "hymn" abound, ranging from lofty and elevated words to more everyday terms. One of the most common synonyms for "hymn" is "psalm," particularly in Jewish worship. Other options include "anthem," which suggests a grander and more formal piece of music, and "canticle," which refers to a song or chant from religious texts. More informal synonyms for "hymn" might include "song" or "praise." Regardless of the word chosen, these pieces of music offer a chance to express one's faith and connect with others who share the same religious beliefs.

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There are many hymns that are popular around the world. hymnwriter.com has a comprehensive list of over 1,000 hymns including those from popular worship music artists. There are gospel hymns, secular hymns, peace hymns, and children's hymns. Some are timeless and some are more recent, but all offer comfort and praise to God.

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