What is another word for hyper?

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The word "hyper" can mean excessively energetic, excited, or agitated. There are many synonyms that share similar meanings to "hyper", such as "wild", "frantic", "manic", "uncontrolled", "intense", and "frenzied". These words can describe a person who is vibrating with energy or can be used to describe an event or situation that is out of control. Other synonyms for "hyper" may include "excessive", "overactive", "overexcited", "overstimulated", and "overzealous". These words can be used to describe things like emotions, behavior, and excitement. Whether used to describe a person or situation, these words all speak to a level of activity and intensity that is beyond the norm.

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How to use "Hyper" in context?

What is hyper?

Hyper is a term used to describe anything that exceeds the general norms or expectations. It can refer to someone or something that is overly excited or enthusiastic. It is often used informally or as a form of humor.

There are many examples of things that can be considered as hyper. A hyperactive child may be running around and being very active, while a hyperactive dog may be jumping and running around. Hypermarkets are often crowded and hectic, while hypercars are extremely fast and require a lot of care and attention.

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