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Hyracotherium is an extinct genus of early horse that lived during the Eocene epoch, approximately 52 to 42 million years ago. This prehistoric creature was originally known as Eohippus and was later renamed to Hyracotherium. Some synonyms used for Hyracotherium include "dawn horse", "first horse", "little horse", and "Eohippus". While the exact ancestry of modern horses is still being researched, Hyracotherium is believed to have been one of the earliest horse-like mammals, with compact bodies and four-toed feet. These prehistoric horses were small, around the size of a fox, and they had to adapt to a changing world, eventually evolving to run with speed and endurance.

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The hyracotherium was an extinct genus of antelopes, that evolved during the early Eocene. They were very large animals, with some species growing to a height of over two and a half metres. They had a long neck and long slender legs, and were capable of sprinting at over sixty kilometers an hour. The Hyracotherium lived in Africa and South Asia during the Eocene, and were probably dominant large land animals at the time. There are only a handful of specimens of the Hyracotherium left, and most of what we know about them comes from excavations of their fossilized remains.

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