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Iblis, also known as Shaytan, is a term used in Islam to refer to the devil or Satan. There are several synonyms used in Islamic tradition for this term, each carrying its own unique meaning. One such term is al-Shaitan, which means the accursed one. Another synonym is al-Khanas, which means the deceiver or the one who retreats. Al-Adu, meaning the enemy, is also a common synonym used to refer to Iblis. Additionally, al-Dajjal, meaning the liar or the imposter, is another term that has been used to describe Iblis in Islamic literature. Despite the varying synonyms, they all point to Iblis as an entity of evil and negativity in Islamic belief.

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The Arabic word "iblis" is derived from the word Hibil or "Hibilat" meaning "desire," or "love." He is a divine figure associated with wisdom, knowledge, and wealth who is also the devil or accuser. In Islamic theology, he is believed to be the creator of the world, the prince of the world, and the patron of darkness. The Iblees of Babylon is an example of a creature mentioned in the Quran with the same name, who is also described as a monster with scales like iron, wings, and serpents.

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