What is another word for ignominy?

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Ignominy is a word that refers to loss of dignity or reputation due to shameful or disgraceful behavior. Synonyms for ignominy include shame, humiliation, embarrassment, dishonor, and contempt. When someone suffers ignominy, it often results in feeling ashamed or embarrassed about their actions. Other synonyms for ignominy include infamy, disrepute, opprobrium, degradation, scandal, and disgrace. All of these words carry negative connotations and reflect negatively on the person or situation associated with the ignominy. It is important for individuals to be aware of their behavior and strive to avoid any actions that may lead to ignominy.

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How to use "Ignominy" in context?

From ancient Greece to present day society, there is a distinct definition of ignominy. In ancient Greece, ignominy was the state of being dishonored, diminished in prestige, and embarrassed. In modern English, ignominy can refer to something that is socially or morally disgraceful, such as being convicted of a crime. The definition of ignominy can vary depending on the culture and time period. There are several ways to be humiliated, including public shaming, being laughed at, and being powerless. Ignominy can occur in a personal, public, or institutional setting.

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