What is another word for immerse?

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The word "immerse" means to submerge or completely saturate something or someone. Synonyms for immerse include "dip," "plunge," "inundate," "submerse," "drench," and "bathe." These words all suggest a deep and complete immersion or saturation in a liquid, substance, or experience. In a broader context, some other synonyms for "immerse" could include "engross," "absorb," "involve," "enthrall," or "envelop," as these words all describe a complete involvement or immersion in a particular task, subject, or experience. Whatever the context, the synonyms for "immerse" all suggest a total and complete immersion or involvement in something.

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    Immersion is the act of being fully or partially submerged in something. One can be immersed in water, in snow, in sand, or even in the atmosphere. What differentiates immersion from other physical activities such as swinging or running is that immersion is mental as well as physical. It is not only a matter of the body becoming immersed in a physical medium, but the mind and emotions as well. What we focus our attention on influences the way we experience the world.

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