What is another word for immersion?

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Immersion is the act of fully engaging oneself in a particular activity or experience. There are a multitude of synonyms for the word immersion, including submergence, saturation, engrossment, absorption, submersion, involvement, and total immersion. Submergence refers to the complete immersion of oneself in water or liquid, whereas saturation denotes the saturation of a material with a liquid or gas. Engrossment and absorption both refer to a complete focus and involvement in something, while involvement describes the act of being fully engaged in an activity. Total immersion takes on a more literal meaning, referring to the complete submersion of oneself in a particular experience or activity.

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How to use "Immersion" in context?

When we think of immersion, what often comes to mind is being fully submerged in water, or physically occupying a place to the exclusion of all else. In some cases, that full immersion can be literal-for example, when someone is swimming laps. But immersion can also be figurative-as when we're completely focused on a task or when we're so focused on what we're doing that we're not paying attention to anything else. In short, immersion can refer to a state of being or an activity in which we're totally involved. And that involvement can be positive or negative.

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