What is another word for impedes?

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Impede is a verb that is often used when something is obstructed or hindered from progressing. There are several synonyms for the word impede, such as hinder, obstruct, restrain, curtail, limit, thwart, and hamper. The word hinder implies a delay in progress, while obstruct suggests a more complete blockage. The word restrain suggests holding back something or someone, while curtail suggests a reduction in size or intensity. Thwart suggests an active opposing force, and hamper often implies a physical or practical impediment. By using these synonyms, one can add variety to their language and avoid repetition when discussing obstacles or hindrances.

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How to use "Impedes" in context?

When we talk about impedes, there are many different associations that come to mind. For example, when someone impedes our path, they are preventing us from reaching our goal. But, there are also different meanings when we talk about impedes in terms of physical objects. For example, if you have a stack of books on your coffee table, a rug on the floor, or a plant in your way, those objects can impede your ability to get across the room. Similarly, if there is a large crowd of people standing in a line, it can impede the flow of traffic.

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