What is another word for impel?

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[ ɪmpˈɛl], [ ɪmpˈɛl], [ ɪ_m_p_ˈɛ_l]

Synonyms for Impel:

compel (verb) motivate (verb) propel (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Impel:

  1. shell, fell, gel, yell, spell, dell, well, ell, jell, knell, quell, swell, el, dwell, bell, tell, l, cell, sell, belle, bel, smell;
  2. expel, dispel, retell, motel, noel, pastel, rebel, gazelle, propel, befell, excel, farewell, rozelle, cornell, foretell, marvell, compel, cavell, repel, cartel, hotel, mantell, ravel, moselle, purcell, nobel, cabell;
  3. raphael, personnel, clientele;
  4. materiel, mademoiselle, aix-la-chapelle;

Quotes for Impel:

  1. The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition to impel man to unfold his powers. Erich Fromm.
  2. The same contingencies of time and space that force a statesman or soldier to make decisions, impel the historian, though with less urgency, to make up his mind. Samuel E. Morison.

Adjectives for Impel:

  • individual,
  • zeal,
  • drunk,
  • ordinary,
  • less,
  • extreme,
  • least,
  • current.