What is another word for impel?

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The word "impel" is used to describe the act of forcing someone or something to take a specific action or move in a particular direction. Synonyms for impel that align with this definition include coerce, compel, drive, force, propel, and push. These words can be used interchangeably to convey a sense of urgency or pressure, emphasizing the necessity of taking action. In more positive contexts, synonyms for impel might include encourage, motivate, inspire, or urge, which suggest a gentle push or influence rather than a forceful coercion. Understanding the different shades of meaning and connotations among these words can help writers to select the perfect word to fit their intended tone and message.

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How to use "Impel" in context?

Impel is an imperative verb meaning "to drive forcefully forward." It derives from the Latin imperative "impelle," meaning "drive on." In English, the verb is typically used to describe the action of compelling someone to do something, as in "Please impel the car out of the garage.

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