What is another word for implements?

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[ ˈɪmplɪmənts], [ ˈɪmplɪmənts], [ ˈɪ_m_p_l_ɪ_m_ə_n_t_s]

The word "implements" can be used to refer to tools, equipment, or instruments used to perform a task or a job. Synonyms for "implements" include apparatus, apparatuses, gear, tools, devices, contraptions, machines, equipment, and instruments. These words are commonly used in various fields such as mechanical, electrical, and technological industries. In addition, "implements" can also refer to the materials and supplies used to create or build something, such as construction tools and supplies. The use of synonyms for "implements" can provide more diverse language and avoid repetition in writing or speaking.

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How to use "Implements" in context?

In the history of humans, implements have always been a part of our everyday lives. From picking up sticks to pounding rocks into shape, implements have been integral in allowing us to survive and thrive.

While implements have always been important, the invention of machines in the early 1900s completely changed how humans interacted with the world. Machines allowed for the mass production of goods, which in turn allowed for a much wider distribution of wealth. As a result, implements became less important and were eventually replaced altogether by machines. While machines may not be as versatile as implements, they are still essential in allowing humans to survive and thrive.

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