What is another word for imposter?

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An imposter is someone who deceives others by portraying a false identity or pretending to be someone they are not. There are several synonyms for the word imposter, including fraud, fake, imitator, poser, phony, charlatan, and pretender. These terms describe individuals who are not genuine and intentionally attempt to mislead others. A fraud is someone who commits fraud, while a fake is someone who is not what they appear to be. An imitator copies another person's style or mannerisms, while a poser pretends to be someone they are not. A phony is a person who is insincere or deceptive, while a charlatan is someone who claims to have expertise or skills they do not possess. All of these terms describe those who seek to deceive others and present a false image of themselves.

How to use "Imposter" in context?

An imposter is someone who assumes a persona or role that is not their own. This can take many different forms, from pretending to be someone they're not online, to using fake credentials or social media accounts to gain credibility. Imposters may be harmless or even helpful, but often their behaviour is false or misleading.

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