What is another word for impounds?

Pronunciation: [ɪmpˈa͡ʊndz] (IPA)

Impounds can be substituted by a variety of synonyms, all with slightly different meanings and connotations. Some options include confine, detain, restrain, incarcerate, and immure. Confine suggests trapping or enclosing something within boundaries or limits. Detain implies keeping someone or something in a particular place for a limited time. Restraining is to hold back or prevent from doing something and could refer to a physical or emotional concept. Incarcerate means to put someone in prison or jail. Finally, immure involves confining someone or something in a space and keeping them there permanently or for a long time. Each synonym can be used based on the specific context of the sentence.

Usage examples for Impounds

We next reached Cuyamaca and visited the dam of that name, which impounds the winter rains for the San Diego Flume Company.
"Out of Doors--California and Oregon"
J. A. Graves
This mediaeval injustice continued for some centuries in Germany and France, and we can hardly say that the notion is extinct in this country when a State like California, by her system of public administrators, practically impounds a large proportion of all personal property owned by non-residents at their death.
"Popular Law-making"
Frederic Jesup Stimson

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