What is another word for Improvisatore?

87 synonyms found


[ ˈɪmpɹəvˌɪsatə], [ ˈɪmpɹəvˌɪsatə], [ ˈɪ_m_p_ɹ_ə_v_ˌɪ_s_a_t_ə]

How to use "Improvisatore" in context?

The improviser is a musician who has the ability to spontaneously generate new musical ideas on the spot, often spontaneously completing whole compositions in a single performance. Improvisation is often a cornerstone of jazz music, blues music, and funk music, and can also be found in rock music, country music and many other genres.

Improvisation is a natural outcome of creativity, and it can be seen in many professional and amateur musicians. However, not everyone is able to spontaneously generate new music. Those that are often labeled improvisers have learned to use their imagination and creativity to come up with new ideas on the spot.

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