What is another word for in a certain degree?

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[ ɪn ɐ sˈɜːtən dɪɡɹˈiː], [ ɪn ɐ sˈɜːtən dɪɡɹˈiː], [ ɪ_n ɐ s_ˈɜː_t_ə_n d_ɪ_ɡ_ɹ_ˈiː]

Synonyms for In a certain degree:

How to use "In a certain degree" in context?

In a certain degree, everyone is qualified to become a doctor. True, some individuals may have an easier time getting accepted to medical schools than others- but that doesn't mean that everyone doesn't have the potential to become a doctor. The most important qualification for becoming a doctor is a healthy mind and body. Doctors need to be able to think critically, solve problems, and be detail-oriented. In addition, doctors need to have excellent communication skills, as they often work in close quarters with patients. Physicians also need to be able to handle stress well, as the job can be demanding.

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