What is another word for in accord?

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[ ɪn ɐkˈɔːd], [ ɪn ɐkˈɔːd], [ ɪ_n ɐ_k_ˈɔː_d]

In accord is a phrase used to describe an agreement or harmony between two or more parties. It can be replaced with several synonyms that convey the same meaning. Some of the commonly used synonyms for in accord are in agreement, in harmony, in unison, in sync, in conformity, and in concordance. Each of these synonyms emphasizes the idea of two or more parties coming together or working in partnership towards a common goal. The use of these synonyms can add variety to writing and conversation while conveying the same message as in accord. It's important to be familiar with these synonyms and understand their nuances to use them effectively.

Synonyms for In accord:

How to use "In accord" in context?

In accord is a word that means to be in agreement or harmony. The word is derived from an Old French word that means "in the same direction" or "on the same side." The word is used to describe how two things are aligned or how two things are in accordance with each other.

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