What is another word for in all probability?

Pronunciation: [ɪn ˈɔːl pɹˌɒbəbˈɪlɪti] (IPA)

In all probability, "in all likelihood" is one of the most used synonyms for this phrase. However, other alternatives like "chances are," "presumably," "likely," "most likely," "expectedly," and "possibly" can also effectively replace "in all probability." These phrases are often used to express the likelihood of a potential scenario or outcome and hold the same connotation as "in all probability." When expressing an idea, it is crucial to use the right words to convey the intended meaning. Therefore, having an extensive vocabulary with various synonyms can assist in better communication.

What are the hypernyms for In all probability?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for in all probability?

Antonyms for the phrase "in all probability" include "unlikely," "doubtful," "uncertain," "improbable," and "questionable." These words suggest a sense of uncertainty and doubt about the likelihood of something happening. For example, if someone said "in all probability, it will rain tomorrow", the antonym for that could be "doubtful that it will rain tomorrow." It is important to consider antonyms of words when trying to understand the full meaning and context of a sentence or phrase. By using antonyms, we can express different perspectives and states of mind, helping to create more nuanced and complex communication.

What are the antonyms for In all probability?

Famous quotes with In all probability

  • They were being driven to a prison, through no fault of their own, in all probability for life. In comparison, how much easier it would be to walk to the gallows than to this tomb of living horrors!
    Nellie Bly
  • We must never forget, that under modern conditions of life, science, and technology. All war has been greatly brutalized, and that no one who joins in it, even in self-defense, can escape becoming also in a measure brutalized. Modern war cannot be limited in its destructive method and the inevitable debasement of all participants… A fair scrutiny of the last two World Wars makes clear the steady intensification of the weapons and methods employed by both, the aggressors and the victors. In order to defeat the Japanese aggression, we were forced, as Admiral Nimitz has stated, to employ a technique of unrestricted warfare, not unlike that which 25 years ago was the proximate cause of our entry into World War I. In the use of strategic air power the Allies took the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians in Germany and Japan…. We as well as our enemies have contributed to the proof that the central moral problem is war and not its methods, and that a continuance of war will in all probability end with the destruction of our civilization.
    Henry Stimson
  • Your travel life has the aspect of a dream. It is something outside the normal, yet you are in it. It is peopled with characters you have never seen before and in all probability will never see again. It brings occasional homesickness, and loneliness, and pangs of longing... But you are like the Vikings who have gone into a world of adventure, and home is not home until you return.
    Agatha Christie
  • It is extraordinary that nobody nowadays under the stress of great troubles is turned into stone or a bird or a tree or some inanimate object; they used to undergo such metamorphoses in ancient times (or so they say), though whether that is myth or a true story I know not. Maybe it would be better to change one's nature into something that lacks all feeling, rather than be so sensitive to evil. Had that been possible, these calamities would in all probability have turned me to stone
    Anna Comnena
  • William inherited very large possessions, part of which consisted of crown debts, due to the vice-admiral for sums he had advanced for the sea-service.Thus was a Quaker raised to sovereign power.His first care was to make an alliance with his American neighbors; and this is the only treaty between those people and the Christians that was not ratified by an oath, and that was never infringed.William Penn might, with reason, boast of having brought down upon earth the Golden Age, which in all probability, never had any real existence but in his dominions.

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