What is another word for in congruity?

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[ ɪn kɒnɡɹˈuːɪti], [ ɪn kɒnɡɹˈuːɪti], [ ɪ_n k_ɒ_n_ɡ_ɹ_ˈuː_ɪ_t_i]

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    How to use "In congruity" in context?

    In congruity, things are in harmony with each other. This means that the elements of a composition are organized in a way that enhances their appearance and function. This can be achieved through careful placement of elements, adjustment of dimensions, and selection of proportional elements. In order to achieve congruity in a composition, it is important to understand the principle behind it and how to manipulate it.

    When elements are placed in a composition, they should be in close proximity to one another. This way, the elements can work together to form a cohesive whole. Proximity helps to establish continuity and harmony between the elements.

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