What is another word for in jury?

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The concept of injury is not limited to physical harm, as it can also encompass emotional or mental pain. To describe the different types of injury, there are a variety of synonyms available. Physical injury can be referred to as harm, trauma, damage or wound. Emotional or mental injury can be described as hurt, distress or trauma. When discussing the legal repercussions of injury, terms such as harm, damage, loss or liability can be used. Regardless of the specific synonym chosen, injury refers to an experience of pain, suffering or disadvantage felt by an individual or group.

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How to use "In jury" in context?

The concept of a jury, in many cases, is viewed as a utopian idea - a fair and impartial panel who hear facts and make a fair decision. However, the reality is that jurors can be just as partial and biased as the people they are supposed to judge. The following are seven ways in which jurors can be biased:

1. Social Cling. Juries are often formed based on social ties, such as work colleagues or friends. This can lead to connections forming between jurors and either the defendants or the plaintiffs, which can interfere with their impartiality.

2. Groupthink.

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